About Florist Empire

FloristEmpire.com was founded in 2023 by Gloria Sims. She’s been a florist for over 15 years and loves writing too. Her idea was to make a website that’s like an everything-you-need guide for people into flowers, folks with gardens, or anyone trying to send flowers to someone special.

The team’s gotten bigger since the beginning. Now there are different writers, editors and flower pros, all wanting to give you info you can count on that hopefully inspires you too.


Our vision is all about bringing together folks who love flowers and plants. We really want to help people appreciate the natural beauty around them more. Here’s what we’re hoping to do:

We’re passionate about this community we’re building and helping our readers deepen their connection to nature’s beauty through flowers and plants.

It’s going to be a wonderful journey!

Florist Empire Team

FloristEmpire.com is proud to be home to a talented team of writers and editors who bring diverse perspectives and a wealth of knowledge to our content. Each member of our team is passionate about flowers and plants and is dedicated to sharing their expertise with our readers.

* Do you want to write about flowers/plants? Join us! [email protected]

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